People of widely varying technical abilities have fully embraced the page builder phenomenon and share the desire to use a rapid design platform where they can create attractive and cost effective websites for themselves or their clients.  Many web professionals feel that page builders create a lot of unneeded overhead and create cookie cutter websites arguing instead for lean code and a custom design.  Both camps have merit to their views.  The goal of this website is fairly simple and straightforward.  In addition to highlighting the latest news and trends of the ever-growing page builder ecosystem, we will be evaluating page builders in regards to what they do well, what they could improve on and how best to use them.  Our evaluations will take a look at such things as speed, ease of use, theme or template agnostic score and much, much more.

About The Website

The website itself, which is built on WordPress and the GeneratePress theme,was born out of the experience I had as a member of the web development team at Eastern Washington University.  At the time the university was looking for a replacement for the Visual Composer plugin that is a great page builder for single installations.  We were looking for a page builder that was multi-site friendly and offered fine grain permissions for child site administrators that we could dial in.  In the end, the university decided on BeaverBuilder at the beginning of 2016.

Since that time there has been a deluge of new page builders along with a great deal of development on existing tools to fill this relatively new niche.  The demand has continued to grow for more page builder options, greater control and performance improvement in such areas as site speed, accessibility and responsive development.  Each page builder offers something different and many are becoming hugely popular in a landscape that seems only to be growing and changing constantly.  The future looks bright all around and I look forward to providing you the latest information on all of it!

About Mike

My name is Mike.  I've been working in the web technology field, in one form or another, for last 20 years.  By any standard I was a late bloomer in web technology having dived in at the age of 29.  Prior to that I worked for the federal government in the U.S. Geological Survey as a hydrologic technician but after 8 years I returned to college and completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in journalism, web design and software documentation.  After serving four years as Sacred Heart Medical Center's first “webmaster” (back when there was such a thing), I accepted a position with Eastern Washington University in 2004 where I've worn many hats and currently serve the university as a web platform engineer.  When I'm not at my full-time gig I like to consult with new clients, write about web technology and hang out with my family.  Whether we are sledding in the winter or swimming at the lake in the summer, we love living in the Pacific Northwest!